Friday, July 08, 2005

I am giving him dried mangoes for sure, but I don't know what else.

Forgot to mention that the Writers' Forum with Neil Gaiman on Monday at Music Museum is now open to the public. Go here if you're interested. Or call up British Council, because they have to mail the invites and I don't know if there's time.

So anyway, here's the loophole. It's quite obvious and nothing earth-shattering, but basically, they recently amended the rules so that if you only want one thing signed, you don't need a book pass. But if you want, say, 3 or more items signed, you need the stub. Unless! You bring along several people, not necessarily friends, and give them an item apiece to have signed in your name. Someone on a mailing list has mentioned he's bringing household help and his driver, to get something like 7 things signed. That way you don't have to buy books you may already have (especially since he's not promoting anything new; Anansi Boys comes out in September, I think) just to get more passes.

Tune in to NU 107.5 on Monday morning, around 1030 there'll be a Gaiman interview. Cool beans.


"I felt like Karen Carpenter and I could've been good friends, if only she wasn't a singer-superstar and if only she didn't have anorexia and if only she hadn't died."

Nice to see Neva posting again.


Here's the first trailer to emerge for Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown.

And some goodness for your day:

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hey, think about it: Neil Gaiman is going to be here tomorrow! Cool. Do you know what you want to have signed yet? There is a bit of a loophole in the new rules for signing that Fully Booked put out; I'll reveal it on Saturday morning if you haven't seen it yourself yet.

I am definitely going to meet him at some point thanks to the fact that I do some work for Fully Booked, so I am trying not to get too excited. The problem is it's already Thursday and there's still so much to do! Is there a burning question you would like to ask?

I am also thinking of giving him a gift. Something cool, that if possible is also Pinoy, without being bulky or too expensive. Any ideas? Help!

There is a new Mirrormask clip online, and it's beautiful and creepy at the same time.


Haven't been to a gig in a while, so last night's debut of The Bitter Pill was fun. But man, SaGuijo's becoming Too Hip Gotta Go! It gets too full, there's no space anywhere and it kinda pisses me off to pay 100 entrance when you can't even sit down, plus I'm not really a drinker and don't like their iced tea so the consumable is lost on me.

I'm so glad we've got The Daily Show now. Informative AND hilarious.
Essential TV viewing.

I still haven't seen War of the Worlds. Is Fantastic Four any good?

People are still getting sick. I'm fortifying myself for the weekend.



First, two interesting articles: one by author Neal Stephenson on Star Wars, and another by Salon's Douglas Wolk on Alan Moore's Promethea, well-written even if I don't necessarily agree with some things (I do agree with most, however).

Trailers for Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, with some great shots that just get me more excited to see it.

A new trailer for Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride!

An intriguing trailer for a documentary called The Aristocrats on what is considered to be the dirtiest joke ever told.

An ad that Ricky Gervais did for Live8 and a clip from his new show Extras can be seen here.

Oh, and a little something I like to call KING KONG.