Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I must say, I've been a terrible blogger this year, haven't I? It's alright, you can tell me. It's not intentional; I just don't think there's been enough interesting things happening to me lately, and when they do, I forget to write about them, or I put it off for a few days and THEN forget about them.

I can't believe it's fucking December already. I still remember the struggle of trying to sum up last year! How can time have passed so fast? I don't think I had THAT much fun this year. In fact, this year was kind of bad.

But let's change topics. Hopefully, this month will see the return of our modest little radio show, although the name keeps changing every other day so I won't bother. But we still have the same exciting time slot of Friday nights at 9, so all you social butterflies should be listening in!

Also, the Fully Booked/Neil Gaiman contest, possibly the worst-kept non-secret of the season, should be formally announced any day now. I got to talk to Alex NiƱo the other day, that was cool. He was really nice, and it was funny because he didn't even seem all that interested in the contest; he wanted to talk about the local comics industry immediately. And I had to tell him that there really isn't one; I got word that even Atlas Komiks has stopped operations and are looking for a buyer.

I found myself judging this John Lennon Essay Contest for Fully Booked. I didn't even know it was ongoing. I tried to get out of it, saying that they should let the Itchyworms! judge it because they're the biggest Beatles fans I know (besides the De Dios clan), but somehow that didn't work. It was awkward for me because I am not the biggest Beatles/John Lennon fan. I mean, I love the music, but never read books on 'em or anything. One or two docus on cable, maybe, the interesting bits, you know how it is. Basically, I know about as much as the average observer of popular culture. Which meant that I couldn’t tell if someone’s encyclopedic laundry list of Lennon factoids was accurate or not. So I said to myself, OK, I'll judge this thing based on the writing. As I should, of course. The writing should convince me of what they're trying to say, and impart the feeling of significance/impact that Lennon has had on their life (a theme of the contest is that it must be personal). And mostly, it didn't. I should've expected some subpar entries, but some were just slightly embarrassing. I found myself wondering if my college Philosophy teachers felt like this; knowing that the essay in my hands contains entire paragraphs that serve no point other than to make the essay longer and thus give the illusion of content. The 2 longest essays are not finalists, for example. In fact, I somewhat felt they should get punished for making us judges have to waste so much more time on their essays.

The most difficult part was judging the essays written by people who were not necessarily exceptional writers, but were genuine die-hard fans of Lennon. Part of me felt an obligation to them since they were the fans, you know? It felt like they deserved the award, but their writing just didn’t do anything for me sometimes. Other writers ignored the theme of the contest: they wrote about Lennon but not themselves, or wrote about themselves being a Lennon fan without the unique impact he had on their lives. In this case, being a fan was not going to be enough.

But thankfully, what I feared did not come to pass. In the end, it wasn’t a case of choosing the lesser of bad essays. There were enough good ones that there were several hours where the people in 2nd and 3rd place would exchange positions. There was a clear winner: it was a brave piece, in my opinion, well-written, with a definite fan lurking underneath (thank God).

Should I get into teaching, I hope I don't have to encounter too many bad papers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tomorrow there are several events deserving of your attention and patronage, if possible:

Yvonne Quisumbing-Romulo, Rom Villaseran, and Juan Caguicla; all members of HG, all have exhibits opening at the LRI building (I believe it's on N. Garcia?), the one across Allianz Francaise, if you're familiar with that. So that's paintings, sculptures, photography, and clothing. You're set. I saw part of it being set up last night and it should be a sight to see. Some of Gabriel Barredo's works will also be on display, if you weren't able to catch his [IN]VISIBLE exhibit at Ayala Museum.

Also tomorrow night, the ITCHYWORMS! launch their 2nd album, Noontime Show, at 6underground. Admission is free. Ciudad (among others) are opening for them.

Then on Friday the 18th, the Itchies return the favor by opening (among others like Monsterbot and Daydream Cycle) for CIUDAD's 3rd album launch, ITS LIKE A MAGIC, at Saguijo. Also free. 10 PM.

There is an indie film opening today, it may need your support. Harry something.


Neva's in China right now, watching the Tennis Masters Cup - Shanghai. If you have Star Sports you may see her in the seats. Her mom over in Nigeria has seen her already, though I haven't, and I've been watching the games! :(

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Go to Genie's exhibit! The internationally-renowned Miss McDonald (complete with her own Japanese fansite!) exhibit is at Store For All Seasons until the 25th. Including never-before-posted pictures! More details here.

Alexis "Male Model" Tioseco launched his website, Criticine!

Fuzz Lee and his bandmates in Phorous have made their new album available for download at their website!

Mich Dulce's website is up!

Michel Gondry's new White Stripes video can be seen here! I only wish he was my friend! It gets a million bonus cool points for having Conan O'Brien!

Here's another lovely music video, for Broadcast's "Tender Buttons," directed by Ramon Bloomberg.

Now here are a gaggle of movie trailers:

Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Loft

Noah Baumbach's The Squid & The Whale, which looks great!

George Clooney's Good Night, and Good Luck, his second directorial effort (he co-wrote it this time, too).

Atom Egoyan's Where The Truth Lies

Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain, Chris's most awaited film of the year.

The President's Last Bang, which we saw some weeks back during Cinemanila (it won the Grand Jury Prize).

Stephen Gaghan's Syriana, which looks like Traffic, but with oil instead of drugs.

I'd never have guessed that this trailer for Match Point was for a Woody Allen film.

An American Haunting looks interesting. It's the girl from Peter Pan!

The Dying Gaul also has me curious. Great cast!

The new Chronicles of Narnia trailer makes it look even more like Lord of the Rings.

Albert Brooks's Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World

Neil Jordan's Breakfast On Pluto

The Takashi Miike/Fruit Chan/Park Chan-Wook horror omnibus Three... Extremes

Adam Goldberg's I Love Your Work: great cast, great trailer in a style you don't see anymore

The new King Kong trailer finally shows the Empire State! In a shot that made me hold my breath!

Man, sometimes I just forget about this thing, don't I?

Anybody still reading?

I've read 2 comic short stories in the past 4 days that nearly made me cry! And one of them was only 12 panels long! And the OTHER one was by someone I wasn't even a fan of! How nice to be surprised, sometimes.

I love comics!

The 12-panel one was so good I showed it to Neva and she loved it too.

Also, the Fully Booked/Neil Gaiman thing is on the verge of being announced! I hope a lot of people I know join!

Also, Shaun of the Dead is still one of the best movies ever!

And how was your day?