Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tomorrow there are several events deserving of your attention and patronage, if possible:

Yvonne Quisumbing-Romulo, Rom Villaseran, and Juan Caguicla; all members of HG, all have exhibits opening at the LRI building (I believe it's on N. Garcia?), the one across Allianz Francaise, if you're familiar with that. So that's paintings, sculptures, photography, and clothing. You're set. I saw part of it being set up last night and it should be a sight to see. Some of Gabriel Barredo's works will also be on display, if you weren't able to catch his [IN]VISIBLE exhibit at Ayala Museum.

Also tomorrow night, the ITCHYWORMS! launch their 2nd album, Noontime Show, at 6underground. Admission is free. Ciudad (among others) are opening for them.

Then on Friday the 18th, the Itchies return the favor by opening (among others like Monsterbot and Daydream Cycle) for CIUDAD's 3rd album launch, ITS LIKE A MAGIC, at Saguijo. Also free. 10 PM.

There is an indie film opening today, it may need your support. Harry something.


Neva's in China right now, watching the Tennis Masters Cup - Shanghai. If you have Star Sports you may see her in the seats. Her mom over in Nigeria has seen her already, though I haven't, and I've been watching the games! :(

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