Thursday, January 09, 2003

In the continuingly amusing referrals list of people who come here, the most recent noteworthy search words were:

pia guanio and mike (especially specific, aren’t we?)
lolita pics (is this some genre of cheesecake photography I am heretofore unaware of?)
erotic paperboy drawings (again, I’m curious)

And my personal favorite for this round, BLOGS WITH CHISMIS (yes, all in caps).

This time, though, a majority of my accidents are now from Aubrey Miles and Anna Shier fans, with two from Paz Lenchantin. Come on, where are all the legions that I know are out there who are in love with Melissa Auf der Maur? Show yourselves!


Googlism for: ramon

ramon is on island
ramon is helemaal niet lief
ramon is located on 11 square miles of the san ramon valley
ramon is a community where the quality of life is as important as the economic growth of the city
ramon is zonder twijfel de persoon die ik het vaakst bel
ramon is a brilliant mopey stroll through san francisco's slate gray streets (WHATTA DESCRIPTION)
ramon is usually referred to as a crater
ramon is another excursion into kozelek's brooding world
ramon is a young and prosperous city blessed with an idealic location
ramon is located in contra costa county on 11 square miles of the san
ramon is situated on 11 square miles of the san ramon valley
ramon is located in contra costa county on 11 square miles of the san ramon valley
ramon is sinuous and unhurried (A BIT ACCURATE)
ramon is tall (SOMEWHAT)
ramon is an extremely talented composer and musician (HOW I WISH)
ramon is an incredibly talented musician and composer with many great accomplishments yet ahead in his future
ramon is not the first jew to become an astronaut
ramon is adjacent to major freeways including #680 both north and south
ramon is not the filipino (HAHA)
ramon is not as delightful as it could be (UNFORTUNATELY)
ramon is a small town lying about halfway between jerusalem and the red sea resort of eilat
ramon is our future (THEN WE’RE DOOMED)
ramon is always on the run (SURE FEELS LIKE IT)
ramon is very good at predicting current events (YEAH?)
ramon is at the heart of the valley and is surrounded by the prosperous communities of alamo
ramon is extremely impressive; in fact (AGAIN, I CAN ONLY WISH)
ramon is unpopular even in labor
ramon is made up of single family homes
ramon is far and away the
ramon is always very calm (REALLY, NOW)
ramon is determined to convince mariah that their romance and friendship can peacefully co
ramon is clueless that delanie and lauren are sisters?
ramon is available in all eu languages
ramon is a dynamic young city
ramon is accomplished in many avenues of artistic expression (IN MY DREAMS, MAYBE)
ramon is like the little boy who believes so thoroughly in fairies and santa claus his family can not bear to disillusion him (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
ramon is a complex presenting a rich collection of desert plants and animals
ramon is that the man is completely literal
ramon is working the afternoon shift at seven
ramon is a graduate of cornell university
ramon is approximately 41 (WHAT THE--?!)
ramon is a reminder that it is a lot more fun to train with a team as compared to training by yourself (HAHA THIS JUST SOUNDS GREAT)
ramon is ready to fight with him (YOU BET)
ramon is that the shuttle will orbit the earth every 90 minutes
ramon is a
ramon is god" on it in the picture
ramon is the breezy hillside of banawa is more than just a beauty to behold
ramon is a tall handsome man (FINALLY THE TRUTH!)
ramon is pretty much a story in itself (HMM…)
ramon is travelling around the world
ramon is too pleased with himself to notice that the ship is on "alarma"
ramon is a businessman (?!)
ramon is less worried by black widows than he is of the plight of the pronghorn
ramon is also a veteran amateur radio operator
ramon is 8 and his brain tumor is gone
ramon is a member of the plaintiff's executive committee in the now
ramon is expected to serve passengers from the livermore
ramon is a colt with great presence
ramon is taking out his anger on jeff hardy
ramon is not paying attention to him at all
ramon is an excellent worker and was employee of the year in 2000 (COOL SHIRT)
ramon is located in contra costa county
ramon is a growing and prosperous town
ramon is our version of jaime escalante of "stand and deliver"
ramon is committed to the advancement and awareness of the gay community
ramon is a transfer from mississippi state university who will contribute maturity and a work ethic to the chaparrals this season (THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK…)
ramon is an extended
ramon is confident that the service would be successful in this initiative
ramon is currently fishing with his hosts above the artic circle and contemplating world events but he will be leaving northern
ramon is a freelance illustrator who has worked in his industry since 1977 from his home in madrid
ramon is
ramon is ons tweede kind
ramon is that he was almost 200 years old before he even heard of amber
ramon is the latest in a string of new union organizing efforts statewide
ramon is pointing to
ramon is satisfied (UH, NO.)
ramon is one of ari's kids where there may be some doubt
ramon is badly injured by robert but he struggles up to fight on
ramon is in 1996 beginnen draaien op verschillende party's in nederland en
ramon is able to offer you the best and most reliable service in the areas listed below
ramon is a pretty weak park
ramon is south of walnut creek and the danville area in the diablo valley
ramon is due to begin his travel across the world on may 1
ramon is a surprisingly comfortable sounding album (COOL)
ramon is een zeer getalenteerde jonge musicus

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