Thursday, April 10, 2003

Absolutely delightful: The Brick Testament, scenes from the Bible acted out by Lego people. Up there you've got the scene where Lot's eldest daughter gets daddy drunk and seduces him to preserve the line. Wonderful.


Last April 7 was Astroboy's birthday! Yay! I don't know how old he actually is, but to celebrate the occasion, Tokyo's Takashimaya department store is displaying a gem-encrusted Astroboy valued at 100 million yen (that's US$845,000).


It had to happen someday: I heard a hip-hop song that sampled the theme from Knight Rider.

So, is the war over? I well and truly hope so. Now to deal with the shambles. Did they find the vaunted WMDs? Emerging details, some intriguing, others less surprising: half the American deaths were due to friendly fire. Blair wants the UN to run Iraq, Dubya wants the US to do it. The US's $287 billion deficit this year is actually $540 billion. I was watching some news channels earlier, showing Iraqis celebrating, destroying statues, tearing up posters, and it's a strange sight: I'm happy for those who truly feel liberated. But at the same time I know these images are going to be used for all sorts of propagandist purposes, and it's going to make those pro-war people so full of themselves.

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