Monday, January 26, 2004



I recently read Scott Morse's The Barefoot Serpent, and really enjoyed it. It was my first Morse book, and now I'm genuinely curious about his other works. And if I become a fan it's partly bad news, because he's very prolific and that can become expensive. Anyway, here's an interview with him on the occasion of his first solo exhibit in LA. Anybody who's there, or will be, try to check it out (and take lots of pictures, and share them with me).

And here's the teaser trailer to Kill Bill Vol. 2. I love the music.

Frodo shows he isn't gay.

Disney closes its Florida animation studio.

And the news that Brian Wood's working on a Jennie One/Jennie 2.5 doll two-pack has me tickled pink...


I didn't discuss or review The Matrix Revolutions in detail on this blog. Why? Because it's a waste of time. Honestly. Somehow they made a film worse than Reloaded. Sadly, the bad news is the Wachowskis now serve as a bad example of what can happen when too much creative freedom is given to the writer/director. I'm worried that the next time a brilliant young filmmaker with a sci-fi slant (let me clarify that this doesn't imply the Wachowskis were ever brilliant; think the next Darren Aronofsky) tries to get a film done by a big studio, the bigwigs'll meet in private and say, "You know, it sounds exciting, but it's expensive, and look what happened to the Matrix Trilogy." Anyway, it seems the behind-the-scenes stuff is more interesting. Of course, in their pretension the Wachowskis avoid the media and don't give interviews, etc. So this all comes from news sources: Larry divorced wife Thea Bloom for dominatrix Karin Winslow. Rumors are that he's also undergoing hormone treatments in preparation for a transsexual operation. But one investigation claims that the sex change rumors were generated by Winslow's ex-husband, who IS a female-to-male transsexual. But, Larry IS a cross-dresser. And Bloom's divorce complaint referred to Wachowski as "Laurence Wachowski aka Laurenca Wachowski."

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