Monday, February 02, 2004

Just saw Lost in Translation, which is terrific. And different from what I expected. :) It's very subdued, and it would be great if Murray won for Best Actor. Scarlett was excellent; there was always this quality to her face that seemed to put every look and gesture in a light of... uneasiness. It's almost Noh-ish in its lack of dialogue. Kevin Shields was the perfect choice for the music. I think what I like most is that there's an interesting balance of detail and vague ambiguity that makes the characters even more relatable. We have snippets of information about the two leads' lives, and it's up to us to imagine what they're thinking of during those scenes where they have far-away looks on their faces lost in the Tokyo metropolis. We provide the meaning for Bob's whispered message. I almost broke my neck laughing when he made a move to catch the stripper. You'll have to watch it to understand.

Neva and I also caught A Tale of Two Sisters last night. It's very scary. Not as traumatizing as Ringu, but it's got its agonizingly twisty moments. There were scenes where my knuckles started hurting from squeezing my hands tight together, and Neva would put a hand up to cover her eyes (but peer through her fingers). Amazing cinematography, the colors are exceptional, and I loved the production design: clothing, wallpaper, the look of the house, everything. Acting was terrific, too. I don't quite fully understand the story, unfortunately. There's a general gist I get but there are a few details left in the lurch, including this very Lynchian scene toward the end. Still, a nice disturbing film for a lazy Sunday night. :)

I keep forgetting to mention that Oz has a bar on Emerald Ave., Ortigas called 90 Proof. Drop by if you're in the area.

Oh, and Cadbury Peppermint is the bee's knees! :) A bit pricey, but readily available mint chocolate is a godsend!


Are there any great (or even good) 24-hour places in Metro Manila? If you are bored at 230 in the morning, where can you go?

Please let me know by commenting.

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