Monday, June 07, 2004

First, congratulations to recent graduates Alexis and Cecile, and good luck to everyone going back to school today.

Second, I'm back. Since last Wednesday, actually, but things have been odd/busy. After spending a week in Boracay, one home, and then another in Cagayan De Oro, I am now backlogged with lots of work, and have other things to take care of besides, like family things that pop up at the last minute. It's a shame that my deadlines don't have vacations too.

The French Film Festival is ongoing, there's a link to the schedule in the events box to the left. I'm not familiar with any of the films this year; the only names I recognize are Catherine Breillat and Claude Chabrol, so I'll try to catch those if I have time. If you've seen something and like it, tell me in the comments. They're charging now. But 50 bucks isn't so bad. Venue's better.

There are many things I want to write about here but I don't have the time to do it the way I want, so those will have to come later. Sorry if the schedule and timeliness of thisgs will become awkward.

This is the confluence of technology and piracy: I am listening to the new Beastie Boys album, "To The 5 Boroughs," one full week before it gets released in the US.


Trust the Onion for a laugh: check out their hilarious feature "Least Erotic Sex Scenes," which contains some choice lines - on Clint Eastwood's Blood Work, "In addition to consummating the unlikely bond between Eastwood and De Jesús's characters, the scene reminds the world that directing and starring in a movie is a great way for a 72-year-old man to end up naked in bed with a woman 30 years younger and 30 times more attractive than he is." On the Eminem starrer 8 Mile: "Brittany Murphy might make a more attractive sexual partner if she didn't look high, filthy, and professional." And my favorite, on the Kevin Spacey bomb The Life of David Gale: "The only thing less erotic than a woman sobbing convulsively during sex is the man who keeps dutifully thrusting." Hahahaha!


Here's one of those pictures where people tell you, "You may regret seeing this, so I'll warn you beforehand; you can't erase it from your memory afterwards." Which just makes you click on it with more resolution than you would've normally. But I'll warn you beforehand: it is a toad mating ball, when more than 2 toads goes into a sexual frenzy of an orgy and they actually FUSE. It's dread disgusting. Try not to look at it around meal time.

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