Monday, March 28, 2005


I really need to clean up/organize my room some day. Hopefully soon:

This bookshelf was filled up as soon as I moved in.

So was this headboard.

The top of the headboard, filled with stuff I'm reading/have to get to soon.

Unwatched DVDs. These are just TV shows. Unwatched films are in the closet. Watched films are in a filing cabinet outside my parents' bedroom.

My dead sexy bookcase, already full. :( There's Alan Moore glowering menacingly in the corner.

I haven't actually used this desk the way it was meant to be in years.

More stuff to get through.

I'm so out of room, I've got shit piled up on the floor.

In a way, I'm almost proud that my room is full of books/magazines/CDs/DVDs. It's tricky walking through it now. I wish I had the biggest room in the house. I seem to have the most stuff. No one else really reads. :(

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