Thursday, March 17, 2005

Here you’ll find the trailer for Palindromes, the new Todd Solondz film. It’s got a nice poster, too.

I have a new mini-mission, which is to get as many of my friends to read Alan Moore & David Lloyd’s V For Vendetta as I can before the movie comes out in November. Who knows, the movie might be great, but it could also be a flaming turd seeing as it’s the first film from a guy whose biggest credit is assisting the Wachowskis (who wrote the script!). I also disagree with the casting of anyone in the role of the main character V; he’s never shown or named in the book because the point was that he could be anybody. Also, in the film, the oppressive state of things is due to the Germans winning WW2. So beyond the shades of Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle, it devolves a sophisticated setup (because the crime is that the English people allowed such a fascist state to gain and keep power) into a conveniently palatable Hollywood one, wherein you have an external antagonist. And not just ANY external antagonist, but the one that virtually everyone can hate in unison: NAZIS! The only people who don’t hate them are the Nazis themselves. So that, you know, there can be ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT who the bad guys are. Whereas, in the book, just as much responsibility is placed on the passive masses.

So join my crusade! And we will all end up talking about how brilliant Moore is!

Sorta rule: be quick about it, so other people can read. :)

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