Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Greetings from Singapore!

Everything is damn expensive. Beer's 12 dollars! A pack of cigarettes is 10. And a dollar is roughly 33-35 pesos. Cab rides are about the same, and forget about food! Hopefully I will have lost some weight when I get back.

The shopping is good, if you're rich. But I've seen the Guero DVD, looking tempting (and not exorbitantly priced), and I looked at HMV to look for 2 CDs: the first Very Secretary album, and Alexandre Desplat's score for Birth. Only found the latter, but at $23! Madness.

That said, are there any hardcore Il Mare/My Sassy Girl fans out there? I saw the posters going for I think $14. Convert it yourself, and if you want me to get it for you, text me asap. I'm back in Manila on Saturday, fingers crossed.

I miss dried mangoes! Labo.

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