Tuesday, December 03, 2002


From Film Threat's list of the 10 Worst Celebrity Interviewees:

Britney Spears -- "I asked her what she thought of 'Lolita.' She said, 'Huh? What's that?' I told her: 'It's a book.' She looked confused. I explained the plot and the premise, and she said, 'Eeeeewww! See, I don't like that!'"

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I'm having fun with the list of stuff people look for when stumbling onto this blog. The most recent ones:

"hibla photos pics" (two people looking for Hibla stuff, actually)
"joyce jimenez nice picture" (haha, what's a "nice" picture? Like a search engine can qualify such terms)
"aubrey miles movies"
"ring sadako wallpaper"
"metafiction fight club" (cool)
"pia guanio"
"aubrey miles porn"
"comics of boldstar"
"traci lords pics" (have I ever mentioned Traci Lords in this blog?)
"articles of gamitan" (haha, yeah right we all believe you're looking for "articles" on Gamitan!)
"philippine nude picture of boldstar" (this has a connotation that is truly horrifying, for those that know what I'm talking about)
"pili nuts buy online"
"drawings ja rule"
"chang chen"
"aubrey miles x rated"

and my favorite:

"batman manila philippines"

I've been found out!


Found a poem by Alan Moore:


Come to ruin our impending
feast, a presence that nourishes
suffering. All things below voice
his burning name. His turmoil
offers only truth in which longer
moments live.

Let consciousness recapture the
flicker it saw then.

Torch our continuity of thought
now, until that mind evaporates.
Lust after shadows in us. Rend
that lace of promises broken and
white lies. Regard our love of
wreckage; the way our heads
thunder, approaching that
warning pulse and temple of
throbbing light that is

ASMODEUS is that light
Throbbing of temple and pulse,
Warning that approaching
Thunder heads our way. The
Wreckage of love. Our regard
Lies white and broken. Promises
of lace that rend us, in
shadows, after lust evaporates.

Mind that until now thought of
continuity, our torch, then saw
it flicker. The recapture:
consciousness let live moments
longer, which in truth only
offers turmoil. His name
burning, his voice below things.
All suffering nourishes that
presence, a feast impending, our
ruin to come.


Look at that. The man actually wrote a symmetrical poem. This is hard enough to do, but at this length, and with as much sense as it makes… this, among many other reasons, is why I call this man God.



Neva sleeping in Xaymaca.

Neva waking in Xaymaca.

Dos and Ducky outside Xaymaca.

Their model friends Ella and Richie.

Carlo was with us, but Dos was too much of a hand. I mean ham.

Quark corrupting young minds.

Quark's first typo as a teacher.

While driver Rudy waits outside.

Here's Julia.

Here's Julia trying to be inconspicuous as she uses the ladies' bathroom in Quark's classroom.

Here's Sir Mark Escaler.

MT and Mang Al in the booth.

MT says hi.

You can never get enough pictures of girlfriends reading comics.

Especially when they're not looking.

Playing with the camera.

Playing with the camera 2.

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