Monday, November 25, 2002

Inspired by Ernan’s recent digging, I decided to look at my stats as well and discover who gets to my blog and how. There are the expected links from people like Neva, Steph, Alia, Meg, Hannah, Chris, Ernan himself, etc. There’s a link from the Indiefil forums. Then there are those I don’t expect: Gabby’s younger brother Paolo, who recounts an encounter with Quark and me from the Rock Awards, and who I think is Mari Carandang. By far the most interesting, however, are the ones who get sent to this blog while looking something up on google or yahoo. Because what they’re looking for most of the time has no connection to this blog whatsoever. Three guys (I assume) were looking for “Gamitan,” “Gamitan pics,” and “Gamitan trailer,” which makes Gamitan accidents number one in my stats. But the thing is, I don’t think I’ve written about Gamitan since it first came out. These are also confusing: people looking for “Anna Shier,” “Joyce Jimenez,” and “Kris Sevilla blog.” I wish I knew what connection Anna Shier and Joyce Jimenez have with me. I don’t recall writing about them, though maybe I’ve forgotten, but I know it hasn’t been recent. Kris Sevilla I wrote about once when I met her at a Wednesday Group session. Someone looking for “Batang West Side DVD” also found his/her way here, as well as the more ominously suspicious “script writer of Kailangan Kita.” Should I be frightened that this blog was the result of that search? Finally, my favorite: someone trying really hard to find “lesbian girls powerpoint presentation.” Whoever you are: if you DID find anything, send me a link, alright?

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