Saturday, November 02, 2002



Alexis Tioseco as The Paperboy (or Michael Sullivan from Road to Perdition)

Chris Costello as Mr. Orange (Freddy Newendyke from Reservoir Dogs)

Mich Dulce as Rainbow Brite

Hannah Cruz as The Security Guard With The Red Sneakers

Goldie Poblador as The Bunny (aka Floppsie-Whoppsie)

Knox Balbastro as The Priest

Ernan Munoz as The Boy Scout

Quark Henares and Lia Martinez as Bill Clinton and His New Intern (or Bill Clinton and Mich Dulce)

Alia Vargas as Dana Scully

Joey Fernandez and Margie Escueta as The Jester and The Queen

With a special appearance by

Dos Quong as Creepy Gay-Looking Angel

… damn, since I had the camera this time around I completely forgot to get one taken of me and Neva as combat chefs.

Well, I think it should be OBVIOUS that we had a FANTASTIC Halloween, the best I've had in years, and the first time in a long while that I actually went and dressed up (though it's nothing compared to some of my friends' outfits, as you can see above). Actually I only came up with something to wear on the day itself, having no preparation or even absolute certainty that we were going to this costume party at Greenbelt 3 (Tim Yap's annual Halloween bash). We met up at McDonald's, shrieked and freaked and laughed at one another's costumes, scared the bejeezus out of the other customers, and had a quick bite before proceeding to the party per se.

As expected, Chris and Joey ham it up for the camera, even if they're on the far end of the table.

Alexis: "Fries... make Canadians... sleepy..."

It was so nice to see everyone dressed up and in the spirit of things, and as expected, Mich and her popettes outdid everyone with their costumes. I mean, just take a look at Mich's Rainbow Brite and you can see how much time and effort and money she spent on it. Hannah's was down to the last detail, including a nametag. Goldie had a carrot. But that doesn't mean the others were slacking! Quark brought a cigar (don't remember if the shirt had a stain). Knox had a rosary. Me and Neva each had a culinary utensil and a firearm. Chris and Alia both had guns, and Alia even had an FBI ID that said Dana Scully! And Lia actually wore a SKIRT! *gasp!*

At the party we saw the usual assortment of really industrious, creative people, and on the opposite end, the ingenious types who all thought they'd be the only ones to show up in a bathrobe. Oh how original. Highlights and props go to: the Imelda Marcos, complete with shoe hanging out of her purse; the alien from the Alien movies (who had to take his helmet off every few minutes to keep from suffocating); Snow White; Dorothy (complete with red shoes!); Rachel Alejandro's Amidala outfit; complete with ripped mid-riff and abs; the trekkie; and Tim Yap's chinese emperor. There were too many cheerleaders, angels, devils, and bathrobes. One of my favorites was the raped Assumptionista, with really short skirt and torn blouse with bra exposed.

Canada and Ireland: Worlds Apart

Joey, Margie, and Neva the Killer Chef

While Ernan looks for a Catholic priest to molest him, someone hits on the priest.

I bumped into my high school classmate Dos, who was one of the angels, now a model doing this as a gig. He did get us free drinks, though.

It's a shame Mich wasn't able to register for the costume contest, because she was a shoo-in for the nokia 7650 that was the grand prize. In fact, the day after Tim texted her saying the judges were looking for her but we were still walking back from mcdo.

This is why women can't become priests.

As the night wore on Knox disrobed (literally), performing a priest-striptease for FBI Agent Alia Vargas, who later became Pink.


Alexis tried to upgrade his paperboy status by putting on Chris's jacket, but alas, still no one would buy a paper from him.

The gals taking a breather.

Here's an amusing true story:

Joey: "Let's do that J. Lo - Ja Rule dance!
Margie: "What?!"

Joey: "C'mon, it'll be fun! I'll start!"
Margie: "You're kidding!"

Joey: "Getting into the groove now..."
Margie: "BWAHAHAHA!!!"

Joey: "Here we go..."
Margie: "haha... I'm outta here."

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