Saturday, November 09, 2002

I was thinking of going to Admit One and checking out the comics that would be on sale, or maybe watching Kailangan Kita with Mich and the others (since she was begging to see her favorite actress), but I was stunned by a monster fucking headache around 630 PM. I just collapsed, and tried to sleep as quick as I could. In these cases, medicine almost never really helps; you either wear (and wait) it out, in excruciating pain, or you go to sleep, since if you’re unconscious, you won’t feel pain. But I couldn’t sleep straight, I’d wake up in fits and starts, and it was sometimes hot, and I wanted to pull my hair out and I wanted to cut off my head at certain points…

I really hate headaches. I inherited sinusitis from my mother so when temperatures change suddenly my head goes apeshit and I crumble to the floor in agony. My cousin Ray, when he gets a headache he just heads home from work and goes to sleep, because he knows he won’t accomplish anything if he tries to wait for it to subside.

I hate Quark because he hasn’t had a headache since he was a kid. Bastard. I don’t know how that is possible but that’s what he says (not even while shooting certain rodents? :) haha).

It’s funny that in this day of science and technology we still know practically nothing about headaches: what causes them, how to stop them. All headache medicines are are basically painkillers. They numb your pain receptors so you don’t feel the pain (that’s the idea, anyway; whether it works or not is another matter entirely), but it’s still there. Of course, it’s understandable: you can’t really study it because how can you? You’d have to have someone’s brain open and exposed (while keeping said person alive) and wait for a headache to come and go. It’s too complicated.

By the way, it was gone by 130 AM. For those sinusitis sufferers, in my experience Motrin-S works best, though it’s unfortunately unavailable here, my aunt buys them for me in the US.


Am really looking forward to this collection of New Yorker covers by Art Spiegelman.


Had a nice dinner with Ate Cyn and Arnold and Quark the other night at CafĂ© Metro in Megamall (you have to try their General’s Chicken sometime). Just beside us in Piadina were Alia, Vida, Mark, and Lesley, with Lia and Chris going back and forth. It was great seeing Arn and Ate Cyn again; the last time I saw them was before August. We tried to catch up but just couldn’t. Mostly just talked about what was going on recently, and a certain subject that rears its ugly head every time. We didn’t even get to discuss Japan and what they’ve been up to with work recently! I’m trying to get them to see us again next week, if their schedule permits it. They also gave me a nice (belated) birthday gift: an issue of Quip, “independent music and culture magazine.” Though I don’t read Japanese, I’ve been enjoying the photos, graphic design, and free CD compilation that came with it. I also learned that there’s a band called TAE. Thanks, Ate Cyn and Arnold! :)

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