Thursday, March 06, 2003

eggy_tioseco: why am i not listed under idols in your links?
eggy_tioseco: damn.




Damn I wish I was an artist. I’d give anything to be able to draw well. Or play an instrument well. I’d love to be a musician. I think music is the best invention in the history of humanity. It’s truly universal. It’s a separate language that requires no training; can be appreciated by infant, by octogenarian, by beast. Interesting to think about the fact that music doesn’t actually exist, not in any physical way. It’s temporal, ethereal. You listen, and then it’s gone. Or you play it again, on a recording, or on an instrument. It exists for as long as it takes to hear, then disappears, or becomes engulfed in the next notes. But it lingers in your head, you hum it unconsciously as you walk to wherever you’re going. Last Song Syndrome. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the lyrics. Just the melody. And then you listen to songs and they remind you of things: memories, emotions, places. People. Things. The smell of a van occupied by 5 other people. The feeling of being alone. High school. Grade school. The first rush of being in love, when you don’t feel time passing at all until you look at your watch and realize how late it is.

How I would LOVE to be able to make such sweet, beautiful music.

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