Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Hey, my health actually improved and I hadn't noticed! No more throat problems, cold is gone, and thus so are the headaches and nausea (for now). Big Thing proceeds apace. Lyndon and I submitted the treatment last night and are writing the script for the rest of the week, to be submitted on Friday if you can believe that. Then if there are revisions/major changes asked for by Viva (I hope not), we have one week to make the final draft. We've been writing at Quark's since Monday. He was nice enough to offer his home as a midway point for me and Lyndon, since he lives up North and I'm from down South. We were originally going to work in Ortigas, but the availability of a computer wasn't airtight so it was a good thing Quark came up with the offer. Whattaguy.

Saw Vittorio De Sica's Two Women. Great film. I love how De Sica moves his camera, it's so precise and subtle. Graceful, too. I wonder if he'd use handheld if he were still alive today and making films. There's a couple of great shots in a church when some Moroccan refugees come across Sophia Loren's character and her daughter. One really frightened me, made my blood turn to ice, and it's amazing because the movement in the shot is so slow, as opposed to the blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of suspense shot. And of course, Jean-Paul Belmondo is always enjoyable to watch.

Slowly going through Top Shelf Asks the Big Questions, a terrific anthology that's exposing me to a lot of great artists I've never heard of. There's a section where cartoonists pay tribute to Peanuts, an excerpt from the sketchbook of Martin Tom Dieck, an interview with and portfolio of David Chelsea (who's amazing), and even an article on the Swiss comics scene, with some examples of their comics translated in English.

Once I find some more time, I'm going to add more links and re-structure the links box. Next post should be about the impressive John Pham.

Bulletproof Monk and Night at the Golden Eagle both suck. Too bad; I was hoping they'd be good.

Catch Dancer in the Dark at Greenbelt 1 Art Film this week. Bring tissue.

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