Friday, July 04, 2003

Sorry, but John Pham will have to wait.

I just wanted to say that I'm finally finished with Big Thing! Woohoo! Well, the first draft, anyway. Lyndon and I finished it at approximately 3 AM today. We were able to crank out a full-length feature film script in just about 3 days, all told. Which is not something I want to do again.

The first draft will undoubtedly go through a lot of fine-tuning, proofreading, and plot hole fixing. We've to inject a few more scenes and minor characters to make everything gel more cohesively, and to our complete satisfaction. Still, it's pretty much alll there. The skeleton and central nervous system are in place. So are the vital organs and various other important body parts. Skin's there. We still need to fine-tune some details like complexion and texture and facial features, but otherwise, fingers crossed, it should be okay from here on in.

We've been holed up at Quark's place for five straight days. We ate lots of great food and played with their great dogs when bored. My socks were accidentally taken once when the helper thought it was Quark's.

Nonetheless, it can be tiring as hell sitting in front of a computer for a week. I honestly considered calling in sick last Thursday just so we could have a day of rest, but decided against it. I did feel like it, though, because I wasn't just tired, I was sick of the subject matter of the script, and felt some time away from it, not thinking about it, would allow us to re-approach it with a fresh outlook. But we have this weekend to do that, now. I want to watch 28 Days Later. And read a book or two. Catch up on some DVDs if I have time, but I probably don't.

Viva feedback will be coming soon. Hope it's good news.

I've had some pretty cool experiences and "firsts."

Wrote my first bomb-defusing scene. First female-on-female fight scene.

Also, wrote a scene earlier tonight that just made me smile like an idiot. It was almost 6 pages long, a fight scene, mostly silent (around 4 sentences uttered, all short). But it's between two superpowered individuals. And speaking as a 14-year comics lover, it felt great to finish it and realize I'd written my first superhero battle. WOOH!

It's been great collaborating with Lyndon. Since we didn't know each other very well, we were genuinely surprising one another with the ideas we'd come up with, and we had a pretty congruent sense of humor throughout, and we'd riff on one another's scenes and come up with more scenes or shots or throwaway characters and it actually became a matter of what to keep out instead of what more we can add. We must've high-fived and laughed maniacally about 50 times this week.

I really hope this gets the right director because if it's someone who doesn't get the humor then it all goes to pot.

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