Thursday, May 29, 2003

Checking Neil Gaiman’s blog, I found some cool links: Oh, Mikey!, a show in Japan about Americans living in Japan, except the family’s… well, mannequins. And surely Mich will get a kick out of this: the Hello Kitty vibrator. More weird stuff at Jlist.


Had a great time the other night with Neva, Quark, Chris, and Mich. Mich gave us this weird Chinese boardgame called “Flight” and we had to play to get the rules down. At first we were just playing lifelessly, but then the concept of killing other players surfaced, and suddenly things got really interesting and lively. Quark and I stopped our discussion of Michael Winterbottom’s 24 Hour Party People to join in decimating either Chris or Mich. Neva and I were, of course, a team, and we surprised ourselves by winning, when at the beginning we were the slowest to get ahead. But then people started killing each other and we squeaked by with the least number of casualties. Interestingly, the pieces are airplanes and the goal is to get them all to one airport (there are 4 pieces per player). But they can be “killed” when another plane lands in the same spot, and in this post-9/11 world, I guess that has to strike you as just a little bit wrong. We also had to bend one rule because if we didn’t it would take forever to finish.

Anyway, I had such a great time because when’s the last time you played a board game with friends? I was flashing back to the Great Brownout Year, when I would be at Mike Jalbuena’s house and we’d play all sorts of board games with his sisters. They have a great board game collection, but we never played with the obvious games. No Cluedo, no Monopoly. Sometimes we’d play Sorry and Life, but mostly it was Elixir, this great game where you’re competing wizards racing to accomplish spells and obliterate one another. Sometimes it was Taboo, or Charades. Once in a while it would be Trivial Pursuit. There were others, too, but I just don’t remember their names anymore. I wonder where my Operation went?


Also had (for the most part) a great time at Alexis’s house last week. That’s my ideal Friday night gimmick, these days: hanging out with friends at a house or other non-public place. Friday night traffic and parking drives me up the wall, so more often than not Neva and I just get together and watch a movie at home. It was nice seeing Ozzy again, who shared his sordid swinging stories. And Ernan, still a gaggle of arms and legs. And others, who shared their stories, knocked back their beers, told some dirty jokes. We watched some shorts, listened to some music, made fun of people who weren’t there.


Keka Shoot Day 1 was a blast. A good day with a lot done, I thought. With a much better vibe and general demeanor than I had seen on the set of Gamitan. Which is a good thing. I hope it continues on until the release date. But I’ll write the rest about the day somewhere else. I don’t want to jinx anything but I’m really excited for it.


Everyone watch 24 Hour Party People. It’s great. The best film about music since Almost Famous. Saw The Anniversary Party also, which was good. Better than I had expected, though it does have a couple of flaws. Phoebe Cates is still a good actress, and still so damn pretty. It’s a shame she’s not acting as much as before. There’s also a scene with Kevin Kline and his actual daughter that I just loved to bits, and is the most joyous cinematic scene I’ve seen in a long time, possibly since Amelie. It’s got that “joy of cinema” feel that Truffaut infused his films with.

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