Thursday, March 11, 2004

We're watching Incubus tomorrow. I'm not really a fan; never owned (or listened) to an album. All I know is their videos and songs released on radio. But they're probably the first decent international rock act to perform here since-- who? The Cranberries? Rage Against the Machine? Which I saw in freshman college, I think, so you can guess how long ago THAT was. I can name less than 5 songs of Incubus, but that doesn't mean I have a particular dislike for them. They do have this video, though, that's a little too close to Radiohead's "Just" for my taste. I'm not sure which song it is, unfortunately; I think it's "Warning."

I'm mostly going because I'll be with friends, and it should be a good time, and because there should be a riot and violence and beatings the likes of which I haven't seen since Rage Against the Machine. Yeah.


Weird and frightening news for today is Best Actress Charlize Theron's next project, a live-action adaptation of Peter Chung's Aeon Flux, to be directed by Girlfight's Karyn Kusama. Uh, first of all, why adapt it, and why live-action? And why isn't Chung directing it himself? I mean, I haven't seen Girlfight, so maybe Kusama's got the chops, but to go from an indie boxing drama to a (probably) big-budget action thriller? And Chung's the creator, and directed the episodes; he knows it inside out. I remember when Aeon Flux first came out, and anime wasn't a household word yet. It really opened my eyes and broke boundaries as far as storytelling went, in my opinion. One of the only two posters I have in my room is Aeon Flux. This project I shall watch with slight unease.

And apparently whiskey helps a headache every now and then. Thank you, Baileys.

ALSO: Please recommend a picture hosting site that allows remote linking. If possible, mention why you like it, things I should know before signing up, other details (storage capacity), etc. Thank yew. :)

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