Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Had the night all to myself, because Neva's in Iloilo right now. I suppose I was in a bit of an introspective mood. I had taken care of some things throughout the day, and then had dinner, did a few more things, almost watched a movie but didn't. It was already late but I still didn't feel like going home. Remember I asked a few weeks back about 24-hour places? This is when I need 'em. I remember in high school and early college doing this a lot: just staying out, even if I'm alone. All I need is a notebook and a pen. I'd order a hot chocolate and would stay in a small café for an hour or two. This doesn't happen very often anymore, so it was now tinged with a certain nostalgia. I still enjoy observing people, I found. I can still handle solitude somewhat, even if we're strangers now.

At the end, before I finally headed home, I had this sensation of missing my notebooks, the ones from those years, now filled with all sorts of detritus and memories. They all look different, feel different, smell different, have different weights and shapes.


For a few months now, I've had a livejournal. I first got it because a) I thought they gave you space for pictures and b) it's easier to keep track of those using LJ. But since I have found out that they DON'T give you space for pictures, it's just sitting there, not really being used for much. The last few posts have either been pointers to this blog or a reprint of something I especially wanted people to see. My first idea with it was to keep it focused and concentrated on cool stuff: movies, comics, books, music, etc. I could talk about stuff and people could recommend stuff to me. But I like doing that on this blog. It's almost inextricable, actually, and I've probably written more about other people's stuff than my personal life anyway. The other idea was to put all my articles on there, but I'm less comfortable about that the longer I think about it. Plus, I'd have to get permission all the time from editors. So now I don't know. What do you think I should do with it? Someone suggested I use it for answering surveys and online personality quizzes and whatnot, but I don't know...

I'm also on Friendster and Y!M, by the way. Friends, look me up if we're not connected.

I'll be in Matabungkay for 3 days with my relatives. I doubt I'll have internet access.

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