Sunday, April 18, 2004

Neva got me to try kickboxing yesterday. Holy hell does my body hurt. Worse, I had a really difficult time getting to sleep later that night because it was just so damn hot. So when I was woken up today, not only was I sleepy and groggy, my body was a roadmap of pain. And it was still hot. Getting up out of bed was an adventure in itself. It felt like someone had replaced my limbs with an old frail man's while I was asleep. My legs nearly gave in the shower, but man was that cold water sweet. Putting on a shirt was another adventure. I tried tilting my body to the side for easier access; no go. I just had to grit my teeth and keep from wincing. And it got even better when we got to church and there were no more chairs left.

Still, I feel good about it. I haven't done anything so strenuous in a long time, and this kind of pain feels good, actually. That's when you're more used to it. After the session yesterday, Neva and I had lunch at Power Plant, but we couldn't resist and ended up getting a massage at Suriya later that afternoon.

I reviewed Voice of the Fire in the latest newsletter of Fully Booked (it's called In Print). It's free, I think; you can just ask for it over the counter, but they'll give you a copy whenever you buy something. I guess they don't have any proofreaders, because my own less-than-500-words review had all of 7 typos, and a bunch of missing words, so I'm sorry for the confusion. But hey, it's free.

I was at a wedding last Friday at the Westin Philippine Plaza, which I'd never been to. It was very nice, and sweet. The ceremony took place in the garden, right beside the bay, and near the large chessboard with pieces as big as children. What was amusing, though, was that as the ceremony went on, and the sun went down, the wind kept getting stronger and stronger, and the waves rose, and towards the end they were crashing against the wall and salty seaspray would get in our eyes. A few times, the wave was so high that it actually deposited small, blackish crabs onto the garden. And you could almost see the expression in their eyes, the "What the fuck just happened?!" look, because as soon as they landed on the grass it would be a few seconds before they moved again.

Am I the only person who hasn't yet seen The Passion?

I'm rambling, aren't I? Sorry.

UPDATED: Neva reminded me, thanks to her comment: above the review in In-Print it says "Graphic Guru," which I did not ask for or come up with. It's a complete surprise to me, and I would've asked it not be there, actually, especially since Voice of the Fire is NOT a graphic novel. There is a Hellboy review under mine, though, but it's uncredited, so it sort of looks like it's mine as well. But it's not.

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