Monday, April 19, 2004

Neva and I watched Acacia last night. It's quite bad. This and The Uninvited, another stinker, are both Korean horror films. I was hoping to see something along the lines of the superb Tale of 2 Sisters, but these were horrific only in their quality and storytelling. Both are dead boring, and have minimal scares. The most effective were dream sequences, and even those had to ratchet up some sound effects. Acacia was actually more of a psychological non-thriller. The Uninvited was more frustrating, for the simple reason that IT ALREADY HAD ALL THE ELEMENTS FOR A PERFECTLY GOOD HORROR FILM. It had a great "mystery," tragic childhood stories, excellent score and cinematography, decent acting (with the girl from My Sassy Girl), and midway through the film is an excellent little gem of a scene that I think I will take to my grave, it is that good, but the rest of the film is an utter, unresolved mess. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is resolved satisfactorily. Everything was already there, but the director couldn't connect the dots in a clear and logical manner. Such a shame. Oh, well. At least I can now use the endings I was guessing at for my own purposes.

Both films were directed by first-timers, if I remember correctly.

On the other hand, PJ Hogan's Peter Pan was surprisingly damn good. I mean it, and was in utter awe with the level of sophistication, and sheer fun. There's a reverent mood throughout for the original source material, and I'm so glad it's not American. If I was a kid it would probably be one of those touchstone films of my youth, like The Neverending Story and Labyrinth. It actually feels like a lost classic '80s film at times, especially with the score. But with better effects, of course. And the humor! It's bursting with humor. Especially the Lost Boy Slightly. He'll go places, that one... and may I just add that Olivia Williams is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace our planet. I'm sorry, but everytime she is onscreen, even if she is not the main focus of the shot, I cannot look at anything else.

Oh, and Jason Isaacs is excellent.

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