Friday, October 04, 2002

Ahh... how I love massages. I didn't get one until recently, because being very ticklish, I thought it would be useless. But Neva was able to convince me to get one at Oxygen Bar in Makati, where she and her mother go. That was a month or two back. I got one again tonight because I thought I needed one after the seminar (even if it has been already a week). There was a knot around my left shoulder that was a bitch to remove.

Big announcement of today is that Harvey's updated his blog. Finally!

But on another, sadder note, Neva, who started this whole blog craze/nonsense, is seriously considering deleting her blog. Raise a ruckus and convince her otherwise! She won't listen to me.

And poor Alia got food poisoning the day after her birthday and had to be confined at the hospital overnight for observation. Hey, at least Gameplan couldn't force you to go to work, diba? :) Not like on your birthday...

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