Tuesday, October 08, 2002

It pleases me no end that pieces of Clint Mansell's score for Requiem for a Dream have popped up in trailers for The Two Towers and American Gun.

Saw Tesis today with Alexis, Quark, and Denise. So I've finally seen all the Alejandro Amenabar films. Though Tesis is my least favorite of his, it's still pretty damn good, and more than ever I'm convinced he's one of the most impressive filmmakers to debut in the last 10 years. Eggy probably wouldn't agree, because he was nodding off during the film.

Some good news for film buffs: besides Ayala Cinemas itself starting up a "coffee club" for its regular Art Film patrons soon, Flip's Movie Club will be kicking off this Oct. 29 with a special screening of Batang West Side, with Ring in November and Oro, Plata, Mata in December. They're trying to get Apocalypse Now Redux for January. Sweet.

I was going to see Happy Together at UP but the weather was really scary, and I didn't want to risk the traffic. So I ended up watching CQ with Neva and Quark, and thoroughly loved it. :) It's one of those films I've been waiting a looong time to see, and it was definitely worth it, even if it was unlike anything I expected. Still, it was great.

Hey, my DVD-ROM can play PAL DVDs pala! Woo-hoo!

Check it out: the first pic of Mike Myers as The Cat in the Hat, with the quintessence of cute, Dakota Fanning.

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