Thursday, October 03, 2002

I got to see George Washington tonight with Neva. Alexis lent me the copy and prior to his lending it to me, I’d never heard of this film. Which is a damn shame because it’s beautiful. It’s the debut film of a director named David Gordon Green, and he was only 25 when he came out with this. Pisses me off. I feel old and useless. Anyway, the film’s terrific. Beautiful cinematography, score, and performances. Doesn’t really have a narrative thrust to it, it’s character-driven. You can see the Terence Malick influences everywhere, even if The Thin Red Line is the only Malick you’ve seen. I’m thinking of getting the DVD but it’s kinda expensive. Over 30 US dollars for one disc? Sheez… But it’s got some damn good extras. Hmm… not a priority, I guess. But if you get the chance to see this movie, please do so. Then explain the title to me.
Most of Thursday I spent in front of the computer reading. It’s a comfortable lazy day, but I’m itching to write something and will have the opportunity because I promised Harvey some scripts by next week. Most of today will probably be spent in front of the computer too. I’m still trying to whittle down my reading list. And there are some comics I have to return soon.
Mich needs a name for her proposed t-shirt line. My suggestions below. I’ll leave it to you to guess which ones I’m serious about.

* T-Shit
* Manang Neva’s Espesyal
* Unwashed
* Now That’s What I Call Chic!
* Fuck You, Fashion
* Fuck Me
* Up Your Dad
* Boiled Sprat
* ¡Scoliosis ist Rad!
* Pretentious Clever Name
* Sell-out!
* Print Whore
* Blame Canada
* Where Ozzy Fears to Tread
* Beer-Guzzlin’ for Jesus

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