Friday, October 25, 2002

Have you seen the trailer for Singsing ni Lola? It's got Clint Mansell's score for Pi! The guy's everywhere, man!

On MTB there was some kind of cheer competition and I heard the word Ateneo so decided to keep from instinctively changing the channel. I was surprised when the routine was actually interesting, and people were somersaulting, and the music was some kind of techno thing. Ah, Ateneo de Davao pala. Not Ateneo de Manila. Leave it to the other campuses to be interesting and allow for growth in an area like cheerleading, which dies with stagnation. If you've ever seen Ateneo de Manila's cheerdancers' routine, it's dead boring, though probably not for lack of trying. They're not advised to stray too far from the "traditional" routines, which is mostly bending backwards while shouting and jumping straight up from a couching position with your arms out at your sides. Ooh... how terribly thrilling. Shit, they've only allowed women into babble a few years ago. The best part of AdD's routine was that they had incorporated elements of local folk dances.


Man, it seems my efforts at trying to catch a movie at the Spanish Film Festival are cursed. Which is depressing since it’s only 21 bucks a movie. Today, I missed the 2 PM screening by a couple of minutes because of the fucking traffic, and as anyone who knows me can tell you, I HATE going into a movie late. So I had a late lunch with Neva and Mich (who happened to be there) at one of my favorite places, WorldTopps. Then I checked my schedule: next movie, Bwana, at 5 PM. So I do some errands: bring Mich back to Greenbelt, Neva needs some dollars exchanged, go pick up my New X-Men HC (drool), pick up last copy of Batman 608 while I’m at it, head back towards Greenbelt with 15 minutes to spare. Except the fucking schedule’s been changed and they started the movie at 430! GRRAH! This is always worse, to start something early as opposed to late. Because people who are on time get screwed. If it’s late, it’s late, but at least you catch everything. Fuckers. So I just wait for Neva to get off work while surfing the net in my mom’s office and ogling my purchases, then visit the Flip office where the poor slave-drones (Neva, thin-as-a-wisp Katrice and Le Sexy Mark Lavin) get a late run-around by their bosses while I check out some trailers. Then dinner with them at Power Plant, peruse things I can’t afford at Page One (Mark found several excellent art books for under 350 bucks each), and home. Didn’t get to watch a single movie. At this rate the only film I’ll get to see is Tesis, which I already saw like two weeks ago at a free preview screening.


I have this coupon that entitles me to a BMW test drive. One of their new models. Mark has one too, and he’s buying clothes for the occasion. Now some people I know actually own BMWs so this may not be a big thing for them, but I’ve never driven one in my life, nor do I expect to ever own one. But I’m not buying clothes or anything. I just want to know where I can drive it, and for how long. I’d like to bring a stack of CDs, my friends, some beers, and some bitches while I’m at it. Sana it’s the Z4 top-down, though I doubt they’d let anyone under 45 touch that. And then I’ll gladly just drive around in the most congested areas. My excitement exists solely because of the BMW Films (the first episode of season 2 is out now, by the way).


Plugs: Batang West Side will be shown by the Flip Movie Club on Oct. 29, next Tuesday, at Greenbelt 1. Admission is one copy of the current issue, and yes, they will be selling it there so effectively admission is 100 bucks while supplies last. 6 PM.

Joey and his Brash Young Cinema are showing the Ring trilogy next Wednesday, the 30th, starting at 7 PM. Don’t be late.

Vote for Down and Explosive at this year’s NU Rock Awards.

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