Saturday, October 12, 2002

Hmm…got a long overdue haircut, went with Neva to Ivy’s birthday dinner, where I was able to catch up with both Ivy and Paul S. Then to the bonfire at Ateneo, which I never even got to see. As soon as we got near a building it started pouring but at least I got to see some people like Nona and Joseph and Joey and some Comm/C-men like Marc and Kelley, along with Issa, Joysie, LP, Tiana, and Kay. Ozzy was playing his fiddle but we were already on our way to KAFE to check out Boldstar. I finally got my Ciudad button from Kathy (danke!) and bought the Boldstar album, which is playing as I write this. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them perform and they just keep getting better. Damn. The Itchyworms! were there too, as was Jeff. Then went to Alexis’s house (somehow we were able to fit 7 people into my tiny ATOZ, though Ernan’s upper half was out the window terrorizing pedestrians and singing terribly off-key) to check out where and how Canadians sleep. A few scenes of The Virgin Suicides, some borrowed DVDs, and here we are, sleepy and tired. With lots less hair.

Added PJ and Dep to my list of linkees. Check ‘em out.

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