Monday, February 10, 2003

Great out-of-context quotes (some quite old):

Mich: Did you just spit?
Chris: I don’t swallow.

Mich: I’m so tired!
Me: Why?
Mich: I was supposed to do 150 guys, but they were so gay, so I just did mga 50.

(Me and Neva visit Mich at Fila, and see her driver, who has fever, in the lobby of the building)
Me: Manong, kamusta na sakit natin?
Mich’s driver: Ayan, nasa taas.

The only recent interesting things people have been searching for when accidentally visiting this blog are:

Billy Corgan + wife
Diva Plavalaguna porn

The rest are just Aubrey Miles nude, or variations thereof.

Happy birthday to Alexis, and belated happy birthday to Jenny de Dios.

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