Thursday, February 20, 2003

Sorry, but Daredevil sucks. I really wanted to like it, because the book hasn't been this good in years, but it just disappointed me. It's certainly no Batman & Robin, but I don't know why they gave it to the director of Simon Birch. What's the point of admittedly good fight choreography if your shots don't show it, and your lighting's insufficient? And I know puns may sound alright in a script, but once you start speaking them out loud it just gets ridiculous. Michael Clarke Duncan's Kingpin doesn't come across as intellectually imposing at all, which is a shame because he's such a master strategist and tactician. Colin Farrell's Bullseye was the most consistently-entertaining character but even he, towards the end, started to disappoint with his, well, one-dimensionality. Elektra wasn't bad, but had none of the exotic mysterious qualities associated with the character. Ben Affleck played the same character he's been playing since forever. Favreau was comic relief. And it has the worst music cues of this year thus far. Can we make it any more obvious that we want this to be a franchise? From the schmaltzy Elektra-in-the-rain music to that hip-hop-song-whose-name-I-don't-know going "I'm an outlaw" upon Kingpin's first shot. Yes, we get the point, he's the bad guy.

6ixtynin9 surprisingly better than I expected. Some problems with the execution but overall interesting, with a good story. Even Thailand makes better movies than us. It also subscribes to this theory I have of what the future of cinema will be like, but I'm not telling.

Just saw Storytelling. Todd Solondz is a sick, sick man. I can't help but imagine that he really hates his characters (and thus, all people) sometimes.

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