Thursday, February 13, 2003

Happy Valentines to all lovers everywhere, young and old. You can get more of these heart-warming images here. For all you lovelorn types, and for those who just plain want a good laugh, please click here. It might take a while to load, but it's worth it. I particularly recommend it to Mich and Goldie. If you're not a lovelorn type, but still want to laugh, click here, especially if you hate Michael Jackson.

El Crimen De Padre Amaro kicked off the Pelikula at Lipunan film fest @ Megamall last Wednesday night. The fest is of course brought to you by Mowelfund, and this time they've tied up with the NCCA, which is celebrating National Arts Month. The film itself was just competent. I suspect that whatever acclaim/hype/buzz the film garnered is due mostly to the controversial subject matter, because I found the execution rather lacking. I don't see why it was nominated as Best Foreign Film (Mexico's representative). So I hope that Hero, deservingly nominated, kicks its ass. The screening was maddening, because first of all, things were ridiculously late. They only started letting people in (after "celebrities" and guests) 45 minutes AFTER the film was supposed to start. When Mowelfund savior Boots Anson-Roa gave a short introduction, she sort of mentioned that there would be some speeches from some guests (NCCA Undersecretary, Mexican Ambassador) and a lot of people audibly booed. The guests got the hint and kept all their speeches under a minute. More aggravating than that, however, was the fact that the airconditioning was turned off around halfway through the film. And by the last thirty minutes, it was really, uncomfortably hot. If you looked around you'd see almost everyone fanning themselves with some piece of paper. I really fucking got angry with that. What the fuck am I paying 100 pesos for?! And let's remember that 100 bucks is more expensive than the normal Megamall rate of 60. I really wanted to kick the shit out of someone after that screening. When we got out the first thing I wanted was a drink and a nice blast of airconditioning. Anyway, I calmed down some when we got some food and refreshment at Caltex, but I got a headache from the heat and headed home.

Just saw Volcano High again last night with Neva, who hadn't seen it yet. What a great film. And wonder of wonders, Neva's finally updated her blog.

On a more somber note, please read the recent nanotale of Richard Kadrey's, Crash Kiss. Wounds of Columbia aren't yet healed, but he handles it with his customary eye-opening insights, and gift for language. It's short, as are all his other nanotales, so you don't have any excuse.

Also, may I point you towards the Love Stories blog, which hasn't been updated in a while, but is still well worth a visit. Stories about love in whatever form (requited, familial, paternal, friendly, platonic, etc.), so long as they're true.

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