Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Something is wrong with my mouse. The pointer only moves sideways, and not vertically. Which pisses me off. Terribly. It's quite difficult to use a computer using what few shortcut keystrokes you know. Somehow I was actually able to go online, but it was driving me mad. There's a post about being surrounded by prostitutes last Wednesday night that I owe, and a note about the Poveda Prom we attended last Saturday.


Finally saw 8 Mile last night, and just finished watching Catch Me If You Can. Both good films. I can see why people compare 8 Mile to Rocky, but it actually reminded me of The Karate Kid more than Rocky. Which, as Chris pointed out to me, were both directed by the same man. I enjoyed Catch Me If You Can a great deal, never once looked at the time or checked my phone through its 2 hour 18 minute running time. Loved the Saul Bass-inspired titles (which took 4 months to do), and as usual, terrific cinematography by Janusz Kaminsky. Also appreciated that the film had a lot of heart, that at its core it's actually about family.

Tomorrow: HERO! And The Eye.

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