Monday, February 17, 2003

Just spent the last half-hour or so looking like an idiot, laughing out loud at the hilarious online comic strip Get Your War On, which you must read. Go. Now. The bits with Voltron are my favorite ("Under God?").

Been busy with Pelikula at Lipunan, trying to watch as much as I can. Have so far seen El Crimen Del Padre Amaro, All About Lily Chou-Chou, Hush, Pagdating Sa Dulo, and parts of Titus. It's amazing that suddenly, there's back-to-back film festivals: practically right after Pelikula at Lipunan, Cinema Paraiso begins, also an NCCA event, and then eKsperimento around the 26th, at the same time as this year's Eiga Sai, which is focusing on one director. Unfortunately, Cinema Paraiso and eKsperimento both are in Intramuros. I don't even know how to get there, let alone how to traverse the maze that it is. Christ, I'm going to be destitute after this.


Our helper has a better DVD player. It can play all regions, and PAL discs. Damn.

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