Saturday, August 09, 2003

For a day or two MINDFUEL was dead. The template disappeared, as I mentioned, and when I published a new post, the entire blog disappeared as well. I fired off a help request and hoped for the best, dismayed by the notice that mentions they're concerned, but must prioritize paying members. Understandable. Got the reply today, and the blog's back up, but as anyone can see, it's an old version of my template, before the great links box reshuffling. So I fired off another help request. I hope they can help me out.

Keka's in dubbing! The editing's all but done. Then I guess sound mixing, and grading. And then that's it. Time to watch. I hope we can do some cool Keka articles for

Will finally get to visit First Time again in a few hours. :)

Finally got to see, and eat at, Kusineo. Thus I also finally got to see Meg since she got back, and was introduced to Nicole, who is a quivering kinetic dollop of cute. I think all restaurants should have their own Nicole. I also wish she'd update her blog more.

Tomorrow this blog turns one. How time flies...

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