Monday, August 11, 2003

Hurrah! MINDFUEL is one year old.

I honestly wasn't sure if it would make it this long. It seemed possible at all times that I'd just lose interest, or neglect it long enough that it wouldn't be worth reviving. But I'm glad it's still here. I'm glad I can look at old entries and see what I was doing, thinking, angry about, ensorcelled by. So I think that in some shape or form, I'll be keeping MINDFUEL for some time yet. Thanks to all faithful readers, commenters, linkers, and people who've signed my Guestbook.

No reply yet for the second help request from Blogger, so we'll see when I just lose patience and restore the template myself (painstakingly).

Finally got to drop by the set of First Time again yesterday. My first visit to my episode. Saw people speaking my dialogue (well, some of it; the script's changed a lot). "Actors" who I know will at least be getting PAID. Robert Quebral is the cinematographer of my episode, and it looks great. Saw some of the changes done to my script, and I figure only about 40% will remain. Reasons for the changes vary: weather wasn't always cooperative so schedule was a problem, so is the budget, and let's be generous by saying some of the "actors" have difficulty memorizing and delivering lines... even if they are sometimes one-liners (heard a horrible story about an actress who couldn't even knock on a door convincingly). Oh well. I've distanced myself from the story enough that it doesn't matter to me anymore (and I understand the necessity of the changes given the circumstances). And this way I will genuinely be surprised myself when I finally see the movie.

The guy playing the main male character was talking to me, and I don't think he knew I was the writer, because he kept telling me that "I'm not actually supposed to be in this film e, I'm supposed to be doing wholesome roles only."

Also dropped by Marie's shoot for her student video. Ody Flores (who did some work on Keka as well when regular DP JA Tadena couldn't make it) is shooting the project and his work looks amazing. Jaime Fabregas remembered me from when we acted together in Marc Abaya's short about two years ago. And I met Epi Quizon, who said he liked the script for Big Thing and his character, which also made me happy.

Unfortunately, developments on Big Thing are going south. There's a new director attached, who I'm not familiar with, and I guess he didn't like our script because he's having it revised by someone else. And I had to find this out myself, no one "officially" told me. So I guess Lyndon and I may be out of the loop now. I just want to get paid at this point.

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