Wednesday, August 06, 2003

For some reason Blogger has lost my template. Hmm... at this point I can't really say I'm surprised anymore.

Keka's last day was yesternight. Both fun and slightly emotional. I'm both glad and sad to know it's over. If that makes any sense. Maybe those involved will understand better.

Cinemanila begins today. There's a Wong Kar Wai retrospective as well as a lot of other great things to see: Swimming Pool, Uzak, The Man Without a Past, Public Toilet, Talk To Her, Dogville, City of God, Dolls, Infernal Affairs, 24 Hour Party People, etc. Also short films by Quark and Chris. Go and see.

Keka's now being dubbed and edited at the same time. Cool.

Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby didn't really blow my mind. It's not as funny as his other books, and it's exactly in the same style. I guess I should resign myself to the fact that he won't change that style anymore. It's not a bad style, it's quite unique and can be very effective, but after five books of it you'd think he'd experiment a little bit, just for variety. Maybe he's scared of going too far from what he's known for...? Still, he packs a lot of great, quotable sentences and gives you small things to think about through the whole book, and you can probably finish it in a day. The ending kind of disappointed me, it was more of a character ending than a plot ending in the sense that the protagonists reach an impasse in their relationship and get over it, but still have a lot of things to do. So the story isn't really "done" when you finish the book.

Finding Nemo could be the best film of the year. Certainly in the Top 10 immediately. It's wonderful, and the best compliment I can give it is that it made me feel like a kid again. Spectacular, heart-warming, and funny. Great cinematography. The voice actors are all excellent choices, might I add.

Bad Boys 2. Ehh...

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