Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Man, I must be the easiest person to buy gifts for.

This blog may have something to do with that. But mostly everyone just knows I love comics, and so pretty much everyone gave me comics. Not that I'm complaining. :)

Chris gave me Last Chapter and Worse, a Far Side book. Incidentally, I had given this as a gift myself back in high school.

Just tonight, Ate Cyn and Arnold gave me Graphic Classics: Jack London. Which is great, because I'm not familiar with London's work, so it'll be something new for me.

Don't the cover look spiffy? It should. Arnold drew it.

Also just tonight, Quark and Lia gave me Promethea Book 2, and a VHS tape of Amateur, one of my favorite films which I haven't seen in years and is still criminally not on DVD.

However, Neva went completely overboard. She'd gotten me Dave McKean's Cages about a month ago, but still surprised me on the birthday itself with Chris Ware's Quimby the Mouse. Whattagal.

And I treated myself to The Comics Journal Library Vol. 2: Frank Miller, which I'm reading now. :)

Though the cover is actually red, this is the only image I could find online.

Had a GREAT evening tonight with the couples. We had dinner at Cafea, just playing catch up. I looked at Arnold's designs for the new Captain Barbell and got some news about that project. We also ran into Carlo. After that we caught Spy Kids 3D, which is my first full-length 3D movie experience. They fucking charged us 10 bucks for each pair of 3D glasses, and the red lens wasn't too good on mine. The experience was sort of a letdown for me. We never once, you know, moved our heads to evade something or anything like that. In fact, I wonder if I'd enjoy it more without the 3D effect. But still, it was fun having to put it on and off at certain parts of the film. The film itself was nothing special, but nothing horrible, either. It's more of a kids' flick than the first. I didn't see the second so can't compare, though now I want to see it. Antonio Banderas seems to be funniest in Robert Rodriguez films. While the graphics are great, the movement is clunky and awkward. Stallone can't act for shit, though I liked his hippie, and really enjoyed George Clooney's impression of him. If you do decide to watch it, wait til after the credits for a cute surprise. As usual, Rodriguez did damn near everything on this film: writer, director, editor, producer, visual effects supervisor, composer, songwriter, and re-recording something. The guy's a one-man studio.

After that we used our free games at Timezone, where we all took turns playing air hockey. Lia displayed her skills, trouncing Quark twice, and I got to murder dozens of virtual enemies with some shoot-em-ups.

And Mars is out right now! Wooh!

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