Thursday, July 15, 2004


2 friends in NY, one in his first week of graduate school, another back to being a freshman for a second degree, and Neva off to Iloilo for almost a week.

Have to keep myself busy, and it's not a difficult task these days thanks to a whole bunch of errands.


I didn't know the Incredible Hulk was so active these days. I wasn't aware he had a blog, for example. But I did catch and enjoy his recent article for The Onion.

If there are 2 commercials you must see this season, it's this one and this one. The first is slightly horrific, but the second one, ah... the second one is the gem. And note that all the women are cute. They're part of a clever ad campaign in Japan, whose ads you can see here. This article helps shed some light on the gem.

And while you're at it, check out this hilarious, lovable ad for Kikkoman sauce, which we use here at home, and which I will never see with the same gravitas again... it's got a horribly-clad "superhero" Kikkoman who has a fish for a head, and there's a lot of homoerotic posing, and the music is wonderfully tacky, and the voice is horribly charming, and he drives a ridiculous motorcycle, and he smokes! and there's a cat who commits suicide! and he has sex! and-- and-- just go. It must be seen to be believed. You will thank me, and thank your lucky stars, that Kikkoman is there for us all when we need him.

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