Friday, July 23, 2004

If you want to see something TRULY inspiring, check out Pia’s amazing story. It begins here, and then she set up this LJ to document the good deeds. Alexis and I both think it would make an excellent documentary. I feel really bad about not being able to post about this soon enough, but I was really busy. Sorry, Pia! At the very least, she already met her target, can you believe that?


Neva’s last 2 posts are great: one on poetry and another on diving.

Did you know that Tim Burton’s currently shooting Charlie & the Chocolate Factory? And that Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City has already finished principal photography? Man, I used to be up-to-date on this stuff.

I, Robot: I wanted to like it, because I haven’t seen Garage Days and so this is the first Alex Proyas film I’ll be seeing since Dark City. But what can you expect when it was merely “suggested” by Asimov’s book (yet keeps the name) and was written by “Touch of Death” Akiva Goldsman and the guy who wrote Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? And I’m sorry, Bridget Moynahan; you’re pretty but when you cry (or try to look like crying) you look like crap. Chi McBride, I’m sorry you have to be a stereotype whenever you’re not doing the principal thing on Boston Public.

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