Thursday, July 08, 2004


If you have a half-hour to spare I heartily recommend playing the Anti-Bush game. Particularly if you hate Bush, or are curious as to the evils and atrocities that have taken place during his administration. From the guy who brought you the Emogame.

An interesting list of the Worst Comic Covers ever. Not, by any stretch of the imagination, definitive. That one's my favorite.

I should've plugged this before: Nautilus Comics is having a series of free comics workshops. You should go. They're free. Schedule here.

EVERYONE MUST WATCH THIS! It's really cute. Lego Spider-Man. Yay!


Is anyone going to watch Lav Diaz's 9-hour Ebolusyon? It's closing Cinemanila on, if I got it right from Alexis, early Monday morning. As in, from midnight to 9 AM. With 15-minute intermissions, and free coffee and beer. I think he could make some money by selling shirts at the end that say "I survived Ebolusyon." I am morbidly curious about trying it myself (but likely won't). Just to see if I could make it, you know? I mean, how can you not go hungry or need to use the bathroom in 9 hours? You'd have to wait for the intermissions, and bring baon because you'd have to walk far to find an open 7-11 or Mini Stop.


I'll be out of town until Sunday night.

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