Friday, July 30, 2004

Last night's SaGuijo gig was fun. SaGuijo itself is a very nice place, very comfortable and welcoming, well-ventilated and best of all, no smoking allowed. Neva and I had their choco-banana crepe and it was good. Their walls have wonderful paintings, and the upstairs is a kind of exhibit area, so I guess it's kind of like Big Sky Mind in that regard. It was just Ciudad & Boldstar, so we were treated to lengthy sets from both bands. At the beginning of Ciudad's set there were only a few of us there. Of course, while I'd rather more people were enjoying such great music I sometimes cherish these instances because it really feels like we're sitting in on a Ciudad practice session. They'll play songs that you won't hear often (4 covers last night: Pavement's "Cut Your Hair," a re-do of Smashing Pumpkins' "Zero," and the Lemonheads' "Dawn Can't Decide" & "It's About Time"). And they'll play as if no one else is in the room, looking only at each other. Especially at one point, when they were all facing Mitch. It was terrific hearing Boldstar again. It feels like forever since I heard them last. They played one of my favorites, "Pork Siomai," and it was the first time I heard "Semi-Quaver," which I also enjoyed very much.


The nice thing about movies as bad as Catwoman is checking out how The Onion will savage it in their reviews. And they did not disappoint. The full review can be found here, but here's an excerpt: "Sent to a watery grave, meek graphic designer Halle Berry washes up on an island covered in cats. One of them, of the breed commonly known as "CGI," climbs atop her chest and breathes into her mouth. Rather than getting a whiff of half-digested Cat Chow, Berry is filled with the spirit of the Egyptian cat goddess Bast. Able to leap around with feline grace, wear revealing leather outfits without shame, and improvise cat-themed puns, she is Catwoman, even though she bears little resemblance to the Catwoman from the Batman universe. It's like naming a movie Spider-Man because it's about a guy with eight legs who shoots silk out of his ass."

And this choice line: "The film could have turned out worse, but only via the addition of a Tom Green cameo, or an accident in which the actors caught on fire."

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