Monday, July 12, 2004

Hello. I am back.

Suggest some Cinemanila movies naman o. I've only seen Zatoichi & Vibrator, which apparently won the Lino Brocka award for some reason. It had some interesting points but I felt it didn't fulfill the potential it promised at the beginning. The festival's been extended to the 20th, by the way, and last I checked the website they actually had today's schedule up so here's hoping it'll be updated throughout the remaining days.


If I may be a comics evangelist again for a moment, I just wanted to show this picture, from the New York Times, of some of comics' best creators. Clockwise from top left, Seth, Chester Brown, Adrian Tomine, art spiegelman, and Joe Sacco. Here's the article it's from. They are all great; buy their books. All but spiegelman are published mainly, I realize, by Drawn & Quarterly (check out their website featuring Chris Ware art), who are definitely one of the best independent publishers out there. Spiegelman's latest work, "In the Shadow of No Towers," his first graphic novel since the Pulitzer Prize-winning Maus, will be coming out September 7 in the US, from Pantheon. From the title, you can probably guess it's about the aftermath of September 11, and I can't wait to read it. It was serialized in foreign newspapers, if I remember correctly, because he couldn't find anyone in the US to carry it. Needless to say, it's a little incendiary.

I believe this is the cover:

Which calls to mind his cover for the first issue of The New Yorker post-9/11:

which I mentioned before.


Angry Alien have a new condensed film: Alien in 30 seconds (re-enacted by bunnies). I also hadn't seen the Titanic one before.

Apparently Lav Diaz wasn't finished editing Ebolusyon, so it didn't screen today. And it's at 10 1/2 hours and running... dear God.

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