Friday, July 30, 2004


The Batman Begins teaser's out! Damn, those shots are sweet. Next to nothing with him actually IN the suit, though. There's maybe a split-second you can pause.

While you're at it, you might wanna take a gander at:

The new trailer of Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow, which kind of loses that retro charm of the teaser. I guess they feel it's bad for the box office.

Zhang Yimou's follow-up to Hero, House of Flying Daggers, also an action piece. I guess it's called Lovers in Japan. Saw some clips on a French site, and the fight scene in the trees outdoes Crouching Tiger on every level.

A film I really want to see, from the UK, Shaun of the Dead. Be sure to watch both trailers.

An interesting trailer for a Julianne Moore flick, The Forgotten.

John Waters's latest, the NC-17 A Dirty Shame.

Michael Winterbottom's latest, Code 46.

E. Elias Merhige's latest, Suspect Zero.

And I recently came across this article, which had these pics (click on each for bigger versions):

So okay, I will now allow myself to become a little bit excited.

I wish they showed Miho, though, who is played by Devon Aoki.

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