Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Dammit there is SO MUCH I want to blog about but everytime I'm exhausted! This is the beginning of our second day, and we are about to leave to watch Super Size Me (at 9 AM!). I want to blog about it all in proper order, though, starting with the trip and everything. I also probably won't be able to upload the pics just yet. Our adaptor conked out so we can't charge anything just yet-- phone, laptop, cameras. Thus I also can't export the pics to the laptop and the memory card is filling up! We need to buy a new one today (outlets here are 3-pronged 240V). It's fricking cold, like Baguio in December but at 330 in the morning. ALL THE TIME.

Neva met Alan Hollinghurst yesterday. I'm going to try and meet Peter Biskind today, and hopefully Walter Salles on Thursday, right before we watch MASSIVE ATTACK! Wooh!

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