Monday, August 30, 2004

We are now in full-on tourist mode.

Last night's Hives gig was terrific. A real rite of passage for me. I've never been so crushed in my life.

Today we went to the Museum of Childhood and the Writers' Museum. One of the best things that ever happened to me happened right after we left the Writers' Museum. We were walking down Royal Mile, watching all the street performers for the Fringe Festival, when someone comes up to us. Frank Cottrell Boyce. Who then introduced us to 2 of his sons. They were just killing time too, walking around. But Neva and I were flabbergasted. The man went out of his way to greet us! What a nice man. We were walking in a daze for a short while after that.

Then we saw this magnificent little juggler kid, right on Royal Mile. I swear, he was hilarious. In fact, I have proof. I taped a couple of minutes of his routine. He could juggle, but most of the audience was just there for his jokes.

Then we saw one of those human statue guys painted all in gold, but the interesting thing was, some girl in the audience (who may've known him) kind of challenged him, standing in front of him. They were locked in a staredown, and a crowd was gathering. It got to the point where some guy put a coin at the foot of the girl and everyone laughed (because you're supposed to put coins in the guy's basket; he's the performer).

Then we found the second comic book store in Edinburgh, which paled compared to Forbidden Planet, though there's one book I might return for. Then we went to a bargain bookstore, and I found a nice coffee-table size book of Guido Crepax's erotic epics for only £10. Which is about a thousand bucks, but the book was originally over £30.

I severely overestimated the amount of film to bring. As in, I brought 30 rolls. To give you an idea, I haven't changed film once. In any of my film cameras. So even my lomo, the film I'm using is the one I began back in Manila.

But at least we're in tourist mode now. I've been taking lots of pictures today.

And now I'm enjoying nutella on toast. Good stuff.

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