Saturday, August 21, 2004

Today is our last major day for the Book Festival, which includes Jeanette Winterson in 2 hours and Alex Garland in 5. Yesterday we met and interviewed and attended an event by Iain Banks. After the signing we had to rush down 4 or 5 blocks to watch Richard "Kenny" Kenworthy of Shynola interview/rib Dougal Wilson.

In good news, we finally got an adapter that works. So now I can charge my phone, and the cameras, and Neva's laptop, and was finally able to export my pics. I am REALLY happy with some of the Massive Attack pics; one is Neva's new wallpaper. But unfortunately I can't seem to export to this PC with the internet connection. I'll figure something out.

And what is that fucking Blogger searchbar up there?! It looks like shit! I'd rather have the customised ad back. At least those were useful. And why do some blogs have it and others don't?

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