Tuesday, August 31, 2004

We spent today at the zoo. Man it was big. It was a series of hills, some were really steep. We were so tired by the end. But we saw lots of different animals: ducks, lions, tigers, pygmy hippos, a rhino, orangutans, chimps, herons, birds, zebras, meerkats, otters, penguins, etc. The kids seemed to love it. My favorite was the polar bear. He was so cute. He was chewing apart a plastic trash bin. That was his chew toy. He was HUGE.

Then in the late afternoon, we went to visit Uncle Bruce & Aunt Liz at Dalgety Bay. They have a lovely home with a gorgeous view of the river and the giant suspension bridge we rode in on. We had supper there: a giant slab of chicken, wrapped in bacon, bread with margarine ("marge"), some peas, and potatoes.

I understand Super Size Me is showing tomorrow in the Philippines. Everyone should go watch it.

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