Friday, August 20, 2004

My feet and legs HATE me.

It's the morning after Massive Attack, and it was a terrific show. Just everything I wanted from it, and more than I expected.

Alas, we submitted requests for interviews/passes for Walter Salles events too late, and weren't able to see or attend any of The Motorcycle Diaries screenings (they were all sold out by the time we got to Edinburgh). Diaries will get a general release in theaters here at the end of the month, though. We missed Fahrenheit 9/11, which wasn't in the Festival but was in the local theaters. The day before, we watched Super Size Me and loved it, and I got to attend the Peter Biskind talk at the Book Festival, and got my book signed. :) Then we watched a collection of animated music videos that was inspiring. Yesterday, we watched an American DV indie called Dear Pillow, and then attended a talk on travel writing which included Irvine Welsh, and got our books signed. And then Massive Attack.

Angus's cousin Rachel, who lives here in the flat we're staying at, wants to watch The Charlatans so we probably will.

Ironically, while this may be the busiest I've ever been (no time for reading or music, just wake up, internet research, leave for screening, rushing to/fro events, scheduling, etc.) and it's just going to get worse, I've probably never been healthier (sleeping times: 10,11 PM- 7,8 AM; lots of walking, no soda [too expensive], almost all meals either sandwiches[homemeade]/soup[cheap!]).

I miss everyone back home. :(

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