Sunday, August 29, 2004

Some sad news as I found out via email that my uncle passed away just the other day. That's 2 siblings my dad has lost in less than a year. :(


Today Neva and I gave in and finally had our fast-food fix of the trip: a Big Tasty at McDonald's, which is basically the same patty but with different sauce. Bleh.

I watched Oldboy, which is fantastic. It just left me stunned. Director Park Chan-wook was there, he gave a short intro before the film began. After there was a Q&A, but I had to leave to interview Frank Cottrell Boyce. Neva came from his event. So I was able to meet and interview another of my heroes. Boyce wrote Welcome to Sarajevo, Hilary & Jackie, & 24 Hour Party People, among others. He was really nice and accomodating, very friendly. We ended up talking about Takeshi Kitano at one point, because he's a fan. His first book, Millions, which he was promoting at the Book Festival, was made into a film by Danny Boyle. I read the first few pages and it sounds good. In a little while we are leaving to watch The Hives.

Today is the last day of the Film Festival. :(

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