Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Today I watched Saved!, which was very good, though had a Hollywood-ish ending. Everyone in it's good; the surprise is Macaulay Culkin. It reminded me of those films like Pretty in Pink where everyone, including the supporting cast, will one day be big. Martin Donovan's entrance is a classic. Then I went back to Forbidden Planet alone, as Neva went to a knitting class and had another Book Fest event. At Forbidden Planet I got myself some gifts. Still no comics, though I now have my eye on an art book or 2. I did get myself an issue of Giant Robot, an issue of Comic Art (which I'd never heard of, but the contents were intriguing [Crocket Johnson & Art Spiegelman features] and the production value was good), and 3 issues of The Comics Journal. And Comic Book Confidential, a documentary I first was lent by Mark Escaler back in college, only £6.

Had my lunch, which was a Pop Tart, in the park. Fed the pigeons my crumbs, and suddenly there was a whole gaggle of them around my bench.

Then I watched Alex Yang's Taipei 21, which wasn't bad, but I felt had room for improvement. Then I watched Rogue Farm, a 20-something-minute animated short from the UK, which was pretty damn good. Advertised as "the first UK anime," it was an adaptation of some sf short story. Then Neva came and picked me up, we went home for dinner, a lovely bolognaise that Rachel made, and Rachel surprised me with some gifts: the Franz Ferdinand album and a hat that plays music.

Then we had to race back to the Filmhouse, where I interviewed Taipei 21's writer/director, Alex Yang.

And good night. :)

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